How to create wellness in your own home

Imagine yourself lying on a beautiful beach in Dubai, the sun is tanning your skin and you’ve got a margarita in your hand. You feel relaxed, and content with your life. But then the phone rings and reality kicks in. You’re not in Dubai, but instead you’re sitting in your messy living room, thinking of all of the chores you’ve got ahead of you. You moan because all you want right now is to get away, and have that darn margarita.

Having daydreams like this is a sure sign that you need some time off to relax. Honestly girl, who doesn’t. However, the budget might not be able to get you to Dubai. But don’t let this stop you, because the wellness can come to you.

No. 1

Brighten up your place

How many of you have experienced your place being so messy it stresses you out? Raise your hand if yes, I know I am raising mine. I used to be such a messy lady. Honestly I was just lazy. I hated cleaning up after myself, which resulted in the mess going completely overboard. It stressed me out like nothing else and it sure didn’t look like a nice hotel room in Dubai. Therefor it’s time for some cleaning. Coming home to a nice, clean and classy home can really get you that feeling of wellness. So let’s make your place look as good as new.

No. 2

Bring the nature inside

Have you ever walked along the beach? listening to the waves calm you down. More so watching the palm trees along the side. There is nothing that calms us down like nature. Therefor plants are a great way to make your surroundings peaceful and beautiful! You can even start growing your own plants. There really is nothing as rewarding as seeing the tip of your plant growing through the dirt, for the first time. Do you think I sound like an old lady right now? I swear it works like nothing else.

No. 3

Decorate with candles 

Whenever I step into a home that smells of scented candles, it automatically calms me down. The soft, nice smell gives the house a luxury feel, and just makes me feel well. Therefore investing in some quality censed candles can really pay off and help you relax in your own home. You could light the candles when you wake up, and it will get you ready for the days adventure.

No. 4

Invest in bathing crystals 

Everybody knows that crystals has a healing effect on your body. It cleanse out the soul and calms you down. Then imagine nice smelling crystals for your bath? Feeling the warm water against your skin, while looking at the beautifully smelling crystals. Then bring out a nice glass of champaign, and feel that luxury feel. You can thank me later.

I would love to know how you find some quiet time in your everyday life!



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