How to set your inner wonder woman free

What words do you associate Wonder Woman with? Strong, confident, healthy or sexy? For me she’s all of the 4, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to be as power full as the wonder woman figure? Sometimes it can be hard to see, but the wander woman is inside of all of us. Including you! I want you to set her free, and we are going to do it together.

“Who am I and who do I want to become?” Is something we have all asked ourselves. More so I think it’s such an incredibly important question to ask, especially if you want to set your inner wonder woman free. Because to live your absolute best life, you gotta be your best self. However, i’d like to remove a part of that sentence and make it look like this ” Who am I?”.

“But why remove the exciting part?” I’ll tell ya in a minute, if you just hang in there.

Story time first; I’ve always been a huge fan of the self help section at the book store. It should honestly be called ‘the Anna section’ because these books are what i live for. I could spend hours looking at the different topics, and imagining myself with a fuller booty and strong biceps. Because this is how I imagine my own wonder woman. However, I never understood why I couldn’t keep up the healthy and fit life i’ve always wanted. I’ve asked myself ‘Who do I want to become’ so many times, but it was without any success of changing anything. Why? Because when I asked myself, ‘Who do I want to become’, I didn’t invite any change right in this moment, I invited something to happen in the future. Which gave me a wiggle room to not actually do anything about it right now.

Adapting a healthy lifestyle can be hard. You need to be dedicated and in it for the long run to see any changes or lasting results. Therefor, if nothings worked for you before, you have to adapt a new mindset. A body transformation is as much on the inside as it is on the outside.

Asking yourself who you would like to become, can shred some light on what you truly dream of. Chances are you’ve been dreaming about another life in all secrecy. But I don’t want any secrets anymore, I want you to live your best life right now. Therefor you and I are going to focus on the now, which is ‘Who are you?’. Why is this important? Because who you are right now is your identity, and if you want another life, you have to change your identity. And those changes are going to happen today! 

Firstly i’d like to shred some light on why a change of mindset is so important. If you believe that you are worthless, a lazy slob and that you can’t accomplish anything in life, guess what? Then that’s what’s going to happen. You won’t get up to workout because you labeled yourself as lazy. See how this goes down a negative downward spiral? Therefor that’s a no no. However, if you think of yourself as an athlete, as someone who never skips a workout and who goes for the carrot instead of the cake. Then you WILL succeed, because you have a mindset of a dedicated person. See this is where the real transformation happens and that is what we want baby!

So let’s create the new you!

  1. So firstly, just like my goals was to grow some muscle so that I could get my biceps popping, I want to know what’s yours? What are you dreaming about? Would you like to run a marathon? Do you want abs? Whatever it is. Write it down, right now.
  2. So now we need to identify this person who are going to achieve the goal you just wrote down. Who is this person? What’s their characteristics? Describe their mental state. Is it a self loving person maybe? Or is she super dedicated? What’s their lifestyle like? Write it down in detail, so you can imagine that life clearly.
  3. Now take a look inside and figure out what needs to change for you to become this person. What different actions do you need to take everyday? What needs to change mentally?

Now you have your own personal wonder woman written down on paper in front of you. This is your new identity. This is your deepest goals and dreams. From now on, every time you have to decide wether to work out or not, think about your wonder woman. What would she do in this moment? From every choice you make, you create your own reality. Therefor you obviously push through and decides to go kill an awesome workout!

Who are your wonder woman? Let me know in the comments below!



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