How to get a fresh start this spring

Have you ever felt stuck? Or even hopeless? Because I have, many many times. Not knowing where you are headed, and feeling like you are completely off tracks can be very painful. More so, it will leave you very unhappy. However, right now is the time to kick things up a notch, and get you life back! I don’t mean to be poetic but look around. Spring is ahead, so let’s be honest, what better time is there to blossom?


“Let today be the start of something new”


Firstly, let’s make one thing clear, you are not lost. Your life is not over and most importantly, you don’t suck. Sometimes we just need a totally make over.  A fresh start and you should be excited, because this is going to be so much fun! 




A fresh diet 

I know you might role your eyes right now, but hear me out. There is nothing that will leave you feeling more sluggish and down than a bad diet. I am looking at you junk food. So this is the time, go to your kitchen and get rid of any junk food in your sight. You don’t need it. Junk food is completely rubbish. If you live at home and your parents eat unhealthy or keeps tempting “not good for you” foods around. Then now is the time to ask them to put it away. You are starting fresh, therefor you need lots of great energy! Your fridge should be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Wholegrain bread and healthy snacks. I promise you a nutrient dense diet will lift your mood like nothing else.

No. 2

A fresh redecoration

 There is nothing worse than living in a crowded place that’s messy. It will stress you out and it’s unhealthy. I am completely guilty of this myself. I can easily live like a pig and trust me, it ain’t pretty. Additionally, it gets me in the worst mood ever.

Now a clean room with a minimalistic touch is what really keeps our souls calm down. By minimalistic I mean, only keep the necessary furniture in the room. This will make the room appear bigger and it will give you space to just be.

So firstly, go clean out everything you are just holding on to for no apparent reason. This can feel like a makeover in itself. However, you could consider painting one of the walls a bright happy color. Also, getting new cute accessories and buying some fresh flowers will give the room a new lift. Feel free to redecorate just one room or all of them. It’s up to you, this is your fresh start!

No. 3 

A fresh wardrobe 

It’s wardrobe time! Feeling great and sexy in what you wear plays a big factor in how you feel. Until I turned 21 years old, I really didn’t care what I wore. I’d trow on whatever everyday and all of my clothes would be so outdated. The term ‘outdated’ includes keeping clothe from middle school. I know, not very attractive.

When you don’t care what you are wearing you are telling yourself that you are not worth dressing cute for. Which obviously isn’t true. Therefor I want you to start getting rid of all of the clothe that truly isn’t in align with who you are right now. Trow out what doesn’t fit. Additionally cloth with stains and wholes has to go.

If you are unsure how to figure out what your style actually is, I’ve covered a guide in this post right here.


No. 4

A fresh brainstorm

When you fall off the wagon and feel lost, it’s often because you don’t have a plan. More so a goal. Having goals and achieving them will make you feel like you have a purpose. It will help you gain more confidence and you will become an over all happier person. More importantly, it will keep you on track. Which is what you want, right? So bring out a piece of paper and put down your goals. You wants and wishes. If you are having trouble try answering these questions.

1: What makes you happy?

2: What have you always dreamed of?

I know it may be hard to figure out at first, but believe me, you have a dream. Everybody does. So try to put down at least one dream. You really only need one dream at a time, because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Now it’s time to make a daily goal that will get you closer to your dream. If your dream is to get fit, make a promise to yourself that you will work out 5 minutes a day. If you have always wished to write a book, try make a goal to write a page a day. Set a small goal each day that will get you closer to your bigger goal. This way you will stay on track.


No. 5 

A fresh beginning 

Are you unhappy somewhere? In your job, your relationship, or maybe in a friendship? Then now is the time to leave. Staying in something that isn’t right for you can be so painful. It can make you feel like your in a cave. Therefor, take a hard look at your life and figure out if you are unhappy in any aspect of your life. If you are, find the courage to get out. It might be scary but in the end it is so rewarding!

I’d love to know how you like reboot and start fresh? I would love to know!



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