5 wardrobe essentials you should own

Building a great wardrobe can be very stressful and we often don’t know where to start. To be honest, i’ve always admired the girls that always looked great and stylish. Putting their outfits effortlessly together with a few simple pieces and they still looked like a million bucks. Therefor i’ve spend a little (a lot..) of time analyzing what piece of clothing are must haves for an outstanding wardrobe. What many people don’t know though, is that it often comes down to a few great stable pieces. Therefore i’ve created a short list of wardrobe essentials you should own to complete your wardrobe.

No. 1 

A white t-shirt is a must have in any wardrobe. It goes with anything. You can both wear it as a single piece or layer it, like I do. More so you can wear it in any season and alter it to your outfit however you’d like. Aditionally you can both dress it up with accessorize and tucked into a skirt or dressed down with just a pair of jeans. Finally a white t-shirt never goes out of style and it can be worn a million different ways. It took me quit a while investing in a high quality white shirt, however whenever I took the punch, I realized that a little truly goes a long way.


No. 2
This one might not come as a surprise. Everybody has it and it is truly a classic that has no expiration date. It’s the inevitable black leather jacket. If you don’t have this piece in your wardrobe, you need to invest in one. Additionally, when I say invest I mean, save up some money to buy a jacket in great quality. Story time; I never understood the point of spending a lot of money on clothe. I’d usually buy all of my clothe in H&M, and there is nothing wrong with that, their clothe is lovely. However, higher quality clothe looks better and lasts longer, at least in my opinion. So I splurged on a new leather jacket last spring, and boy have I enjoyed it. This piece goes with absolutely anything. A leather jacket can make your look a bitedgy, casual or feminine. It really depends on how you wish to style it. More so you could also choose to purchase a leather jacket in a color. That would really add something cool to your look. The options are endless.

No. 3
This stable piece was a game changer for me. In the past my no. 3 would have probably been a pair of jeans. However, this year my jeans have been replaced with something new. A pair of trousers. Straight trousers, wide trousers, flared trousers. You name it. The list is endless. Trousers are my no. 1 secret to look classy and put together effortlessly. Additionally, trousers are so comfortable. It’s like wearing a pair of joggers, but looking hella good while doing so.
I get my trousers tailored so they fit like a glow. This will change your fashion game, I promise. I swear by this, and you’ve got my word. Trousers is an absolute. MUST. HAVE.

No. 4

Like the legendary Marilyn Monroe said “Diamonds are a girls best friend“. Come on girls, you know she’s right. Nothing makes you look and feel more beautiful and sexy than great jewelry. Jewelry really adds to an outfit. You could wear the most simple set and give it an extraordinary twist with the right jewelry. Additionally, nothing really makes a look more personal and admirable than a woman who’s got her jewelry on point. Am I right? I know I am guilty of girl crushing when a woman’s got her jewelry gear going. Buy some big hoop earrings, and sparkly ring, or a beautiful pandora bracelet with personalized beats on. This will give your outfit that last twist it needed.

No. 5

The last piece that really gives you that classic polished finish, is a great pair of chelsea boots. combining black chelsea boots and a pair of black trousers will really elongate your legs and give you that model look. You could even go for a pair that has a smaller heel, just to lift a little and give your a better posture. Chelsea boots is another stable that can be worn with endless outfits. You can wear them in both summer and winter, no matter age or gender really. These are a universal fashion pick, that you will not regret. They come in a gazillion different shapes and sizes, so you can get any style that fits your needs completely. 

I’d love to know what stables are your favorites!
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