Why you should find your passion for cooking

I used to think that cooking only was for mothers. Why on earth would I want to spend my Friday night making a loaf of bread? I have a life. However, as the years has gone by, my love for food has grown. More so my understanding of the importance of cooking healthy whole food meals that will feed both my body and soul. Cliché, but it’s true. In this post i’d like to touch up on different sides of cooking, because for me cooking is so much more than just the end result. Cooking is an act of love towards yourself. Choosing to make a delicious nutritious meal can be so rewarding. Therefor I will convince you why you should cook for yourself and how to get that passion back. More so, home cooked meals will help you stay fitter and leaner if we make the right choices.

Firstly, take out food is just rubbish. There are no exceptions. Take out might taste better sometimes, but there is close to zero nutrients in it. Additionally, it will most defiantly leave you hungry shortly after and make you crave more unhealthy stuff. My no. 1 dislike of junk food is the lack of energy. I often end up feeling so tired and ready to nap for 10 hours. Not to mention the feeling of guilt afterwards. It is simply not worth it. Junk food should be consumed as a treat once in a while, not as your main meal everyday.

Now that we’ve come to terms of the non existent benefits of eating take out, let’s get to the great benefits of home cooking!

Fun ideas for cooking

Now let’s be honest, how many cooking books do you own? No judging. But cooking books will give us a huge variety of foods to cook. This makes cooking so much fun! People are like robots in many aspects, when we find a routine we’re comfortable with, we do the same day in and day out. The same goes with cooking. It’s normal to stick to 2 or 3 meals that you enjoy and that you know are easy to make, because it’s comfortable. Routines are comfortable. However, with time this cycle becomes boring. When we eat the same over and over we are more prone to start eating out, which is a no no if you desire a healthy living. Cooking books are filled with color and so many new things to try out! What better way to find your passion for cooking again? If you don’t have a cooking book available i also have some healthy cooking options laid out for you right HereHere and Here. However i’d recommend that you invest in some books too. Cooking books are beautiful decorations in your kitchen and you will thank me for it.

Promoting weight loss

If you saw how your food gets prepared at a restaurant, you’d be surprised by how much unnesesary oil and fat gets added. You are in absolute no control. This is often why we gain weight. Choosing a caesar salad at a restaurant is often no better than eating a burger. The lettuce and chicken is great, but whats not so great is the cheese, high fat dressing and bread croutons. This all ads heavy calories to the dish. This makes it hard to make a healthy choice when eating out. Therefor home cooking is the way to go! I know a lot of people think of home coking as healthy boring cooking. However this is not true. You can also eat burgers and pizza at home. It will still be delicious, but it will be healthier and more nourishing for your body. Therefor cooking at home can really help you live that healthier life. Healthy doesn’t mean boring. Healthy means cooking with whole foods, and better quality foods. This will also fill up your stomach faster and for longer as well as helping you avoid all of the unesescary extra calories. Go fill your fitch up with whole foods now!

Invest in coocking materials

If cooking isn’t really your thing, you might not own a lot of exiting kitchen gadgets. This really is a shame because filling your kitchen up with new gear, or splurging on a beautiful salad bowl, can get you excited for cooking. Having a beautiful, inviting kitchen will help you get excited for cooking and you’ll want to spend time in it. You could also buy a new wall painting for some decoration or beautiful flowers for some color and freshness.

Enjoy the ride

 I love grocery shopping. Deciding what fun foods i’d like to fill my stomach, with fills me up with joy. Buying whole foods to nourish my body and making sure that it stays healthy and fit, is very important to me. I’d love for you to find this joy too. How do you feel after eating a home cooked meal that was both delicious and healthy? I bet it made you feel good. Taking care of ourselves is so important and what we put in our bodies is half of the equation of a happy and healthy life. Health is wealth, without a doubt. So love yourself enough to get your homecoming going. You deserve it.

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