Why small steps is the key for transformation

Do you wish to transform your body, more so your mind? Trust me, you are not alone. Finding the secret way to success is not easy, and it can be quiet difficult. Truth is, we all screw up, because we’re clueless. However, fear not, because I will let you in on the big mistakes you usually make when you begin your fitness journey, and what you should actually be doing.

When you wish to start your own fitness journey, your intention is usually really good. You start off with a strong mind, and with will power. You are the new karate kid, at least i always wish i was. This is great, but what happens is that you often begin by over achieving. More so, you eat broccoli all day long, drink 4 liters of water, you all of a sudden think that you are forrest Gump, and run a 10k even though you’ve never run 1k in your life. By the end of the day or even the week (if you’ve managed to last for that long) you are so run out that you have convinced yourself that getting in shape, isn’t your thing anyways. However, this is a lie. It is all lies.

Firstly, you are cheating yourself by thinking that going hard core on day one, is the way to transformation. Transformation is a way of life. Would you be able to keep up the above? I doubt it. Not because I don’t believe that you are a superhuman, but because that simply isn’t realistic. When you have too high exceptions you set yourself up for failure.

Lets take a moment to analyze the forrest Gump idea i’ve got going in the above. So you decide to wake up at 6 am in the morning and run 5k. You usually sleep in until 10 am and running has honestly never been your thing. But today you want to change your life, so you make this drastic change, in hopes of changing your life for good. However, what you don’t think about is that this goal is unrealistic. You’ll probably end up snoozing your alarm, because it’s way too early and you don’t feel like being Forrest Gump today because you hate running. So you end up letting yourself down. But this will hurt your spirit and your self-esteem because 1. you’ll think that healthy lifestyle is too hard and 2. you have now convinced yourself that you suck. But you don’t suck, your plan did.

See, we all tend to overachieve not just you. But the key to transformation is small steps. Really small steps. So instead of running 5k, start by running for 5 minutes. I know you are probably clicking away from this page now. “What are 5 minutes gonna do, this is BS” but give me a chance and hear me out. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but once you figure out that you can run 5 minutes then it’ll be 10 minutes, then 15 and so on. See how a small step can add up to a big one? This honestly goes with anything.

Set a small goal that you KNOW you can accomplish. When it becomes and everyday task for you, you can up the goal to something bigger or even add another goal. It’s up to you. But taking it in your own pace is whats most important. This is all about keeping promises, remember that.

When we believe in ourselves, remarkable things happen. We start taking chances, and make bigger promises to ourselves. This will lead to self love, which truly is the most important element of this journey. Choosing this journey should be to better yourself because that you love yourself. Not because of hate towards yourself. You deserve to feel empowered by conquering these small goals of yours. Every accomplishment truly is a victory.

Now, go make a small goal. Write it in a journal. Put stickers up around the house, and every time you accomplish your goal, acknowledge yourself for the victory. Because it truly is.

Let me know what your goal is?


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