The perfect skin care routine for glowing skin

Who else is guilty of sleeping with your make up on, when you know that you shouldn’t? Now you might not know the negative effects it has, but let me enlighten you. Eye infection and breakouts are just some of them, not to mention, you’ll wake up looking like Ursula. This really isn’t a pretty sight. Therefore, I thought we should go over a few steps today of the importance of a great skin care routine. Not to mention, what are must haves, for achieving that glowing skin.

Honeslty, I have always had pretty clean skin, but it was always very dry. It would leave my makeup cracking and looking really caky. I was fed up by this, and I wanted to find a skin care routine that was going to work. This is when I stubbled across a sale a the body shop. I didn’t really know what products were good and which wasn’t, but I was determined to find out. So I went home with my bag filled with goodies, and 5 years forward, I’ve have put together the perfect skin care routine.



Firstly, there are 4 things to check off when putting together the perfect skin care routine. It sounds like this;

Cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect.

Ill go through each and everyone of these and we’ll discuss the importance of the step and what products to use, to achieve the ultimate skin care.

No. 1 Cleanse 

Cleansing your face every night after a long day is an essential part of achieving healthy skin. Removing your makeup and dirt you’ve caught through out your day, will also prevent your skin from breaking out. More so, your skin will be repairing itself while you are asleep, so a clean face is indeed important.

To cleans my skin I use the ‘Gentle face wash, vitamin E‘ from The body shop. The benefits of vitamin E are that it acts like a moisturizer. Additionally it restores and rejuvenates dehydrated skin.


To cleanse my face on a much deeper level I use an electric face brush. Supposedly, they make the face 6 times cleaner, compared to using a washing cloth. Can you believe it?! These facing cleansers have blown my mind. My skin has never, and I repeat NEVER, been this soft, clean and flawless as it is now. You can achieve amazing result with these machines and i highly recommend investing in one yourself. It is money well spend, I promise you.

No. 2 correct

Now after you’ve cleansed your face, it’s time to correct whatever concerns you might have. It could be from dry skin, to acne. Take a hard look at your face, and find out if there is anything you don’t find quiet right. I have always battled with dry skin, therefor I clean my face with the ‘Daily glow cleansing polish, vitamin C‘ from The body shop. This cleanser has tiny grits in it. For me it really help getting rid of dry patches and dead skin. This cleansing product is also great for a brighter complexion, and it evens out your skin tone. However, if these aren’t any of your trouble zones, go to your local beauty store and ask for the skin product for your specific needs.

No. 3 Hydrate 

Finding the perfect moisturizer is such an important step in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Keeping your skin hydrated is key it avoid breakouts. If your skin gets too dry, your body will naturally produce more oil to stop this from happening, and this will cause your skin to break out. I’m sure this isn’t in your interest. Therefore I have the perfect night creme for you. It is so effective and I use it every night. What I am referring to is the Elizabeth Arden ‘Skin protectant, nighttime miracle moisturizer´. When i read the word miracle, you can image how fast i swiped my card. This 8 hour night cream, really do work miracles doing the night. Additionally, you can use this location for other dry spots too, like your hands or feet for example. It really is an all around miracle cream.

No. 4 Protect 

I don’t want to sound like your mom. But you should protect your skin from the sun. If you are not wearing sun screen, you could get brown spots and discoloration. Not to mention blotchiness and wrinkles. Even worth, skin cancer is on the line. Even if it’s cloudy i’m telling you girl, those sun rays still get to you. Therefore I advice you to get a good quality sunscreen.

How do you like to take care of your skin? Let me know down below.




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