The ultimate closet purge

No one likes a cluttered closet. Nonetheless, it takes up space for new amazing clothe that both fit your personality and your body shape. Today is the day that you stop being hoarder and start making space for a better you.

“New year, new me!!”, you either love it, or you hate it. I personally find the New year really refreshing. It helps me reflect on what was, and what i’d like to come. More so, I always get an instant urge to become a better version of myself. However, who doesn’t, am I right? So what better way to improve yourself, than to have a bomb wardrobe? …I don’t know either.

Therefore, I think it’s time for you and I to do a closet purge.

Have you ever stared at your closet in the morning, feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear? That means that we need to declutter your wardrobe. You need to get rid of the old stuff that you don’t wear anymore. Then you can make space for new amazing clothes. I want you to have a difficult time picking out clothe in the morning. Not because you have nothing to wear, but because you have so much clothe that you love and adore, which makes it hard for you to choose. Your wardrobe also reflects who you are as a person, so we are going to do some soul searching today.

Paying attention to your style, and making sure that your outside matches the wants and wishes you have on the inside, is really healthy. You need to be true to you, because you rock.

We will be going through every single piece of clothing. This is to make sure that your clothe is matching your current style. If you are unsure of what your style is, then don’t worry, I covered that in another blogpost that you can find here.

Here we go!



Nr. 1. How does the piece make you feel?

Your clothe should make you feel better about yourself. I have this pair of flared trousers that makes me feel so hot, you wouldn’t even believe it. So i wear them all of the time. Wear clothe that makes you feel sexy, in charge, like you’ve got your shit together. So if this piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel any kind of positive emotions. Get rid of it.

Nr.2 When have you last worn the piece? 

If you are a hoarder like me, and keep everything you have ever bought or been given, then it’s time for some tough love. I know, i know, your grandma gave it to you, she looked so happy when you wore it for the first time. But girl, that ain’t gonna let me, let you keep the piece. I am sure your grandma will understand. Don’t hold onto any piece of clothing because of an emotional detachment. When did you last wear it? Has it been more than a half a year then i want you to consider it you are going to wear it in the future? If not, then let it go. If it’s a seasonal piece like a dress, then consider if you will wear it when the times comes around again.

Nr. 3 Does it fit like a tailored piece?

This can be a hard one to decide. I used to always make an excuse for clothe that I had a hard time getting rid of. But inside I knew that it didn’t fit me anymore and that I needed to let it go. Therefore I want you to pay close attention to your clothe. Does it sit too tight some wear or maybe too loose? How about the size? Is it too small, or too big? I used to always keep jeans that honestly didn’t fit me because they were too small, and I hated wearing them. So I decided to get rid of them, and buy a new pair that actually fit me. It was the best decision I could make.

N.4 Would you wear it if you ran into your ex? 

Have you ever heard someone justify an ugly tee, by saying that they’ll just wear it when they are out running errands? Now think deeply, would you mind running into your ex wearing that piece? If yes, then please toss it. This way of think will really help you sort out all of the worn out, and outdated clothe.

Nr. 5 is it in style? 

Confession time, I used to never care for what clothe I wore. I would easily walk around in sweatpants. I never knew what was in style, or how to even put an outfit together. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, It really does make you feel good, when you feel up to date with new trends and if you know what exactly flatters your body. Therefore, I want you to consider if your piece is still in or if it’s totally outdated. More so, does it accurately represent your current style? I think it’s easy to forget to dig deep and figure out what clothe we like and dislike. Sometimes we have totally neglected our sense of fashion, which can leave us with a lot of clothe we don’t even fancy.

Now it’s your turn to clean out your closet. When you’re done, threat yourself with a new piece of clothing. You deserve for all of that hard work!




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