Why drinking enough water is crucial for your fitness journey

Are you ready for your first fitness tip this year? Take a seat because this one will blow your socks off.

Did you know that 80% of the population doesn’t drink enough water throughout their day? I know, it is pretty crazy. Unfortunately drinking enough usually isn’t in our focus, which is a big, big, BIG mistake.

There are actually 28 negative effects of dehydration, if not more. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all of them. However, some of them have really caught my attention, and it should catch yours too.

Firstly, let me tell you. Our bodies are 60% water. Without water there would be no life. Did you know that you can go more than 3 weeks without food, but only 1 week without water. This should put the importance of water in a perspective for you.

Further your metabolic rate is suppressed if you drink less water than your body needs. This means, if you get in the water you actually need, you will be burning fat on a much higher level. I know this is what you want. Not to mention, you are going to experience much more mental clarity, increased energy levels and your muscles and joints will work way better. Not to mention, if you often have a headache, there is a big chance that this will be gone.

Above all, drinking water will beat your cravings to the curve. When you have cravings, it’s more often just because we are thirsty. So before you go binge on a chocolate bar, try have a big glass of water. This will do wanders.

Confession time.. I have ALWAYS struggled with drinking enough water. I could easily go through a whole day, on just one glass of water. However, when I put it upon myself to drink the amount of water I should, I really did see amazing changes in my body. More so, I have lost weight with no effort what so ever. This is no joke, honestly when I started drinking the water my body needed I dropped a few pounds without even trying. The natural effect of the decrease in my cravings helped me make better choices and I didn’t even have to stress about it. I also felt more awake and not as tired, which also made a huge difference, because if you didn’t know, you are more prone to eat unhealthy foods if you are tired.

You might wander, well Anna, how much water should I be drinking? However this calculation is extremely easy. Find out what you weigh in pounds, and divide that by 2, that’s how many oz your should be drinking daily.

So let’s say you are a 200 pound individual, cut it in half, that’s 100. So you are going to be drinking 100 oz a day.

I mean, I know this sounds overwhelming. How on earth am I going to drink that much water?

I am not asking you to go drink all of that water today. I lifestyle transformation is all about baby steps. Today, you should drink 7 oz more than you did yesterday, that’s it. No more, and no less. Now you can opt this little by little everyday. Remember, our chance of success, when we just focus on 1 goal, is 80%. That is an awesome success rate. So I challenge you to have this 1 goal for the next month. Keep your body hydrated, and at the end of this month, I want you to be at your goal water intake.

Maybe you don’t enjoy the taste of water much and find it boring, which is totally okay! But this won’t get you out of the loop. You can flavor your water with your favorite fruits. Add some strawberry and lime and leave it over night. It will create a lovely flavor and make your goal so much more fun!

If you need guidance or support, I am here for you. Feel free to comment below anytime.



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