How to simplify your life

This is to 2018 guys! It’s your time to create, to dream big, and become happy and healthy. You deserve that. However, there is a really neat skill I want you to learn in order for this year, to really blow your socks off. Ya heard me, I used the B word. That is.. simplifying your life.

Now you might think, but why? Let me tell you. The 20th century leaves many people incredibly stressed. Everything has to go so fast. If you can’t achieve 2837 tasks in one day, you are a failure. Therefor I am here for you. No one needs that hassle.

However, having a simple life does have many great benefits to it. To mention a few, it’s a great stress release. As for relationships, they can become greatly improved. Most importantly, It will help you make better decisions. This will help you massively in the New Year. Making better decisions is what the New Year is all about. Unfortunately, many of us struggle greatly with this.

If you want to know how to achieve your goals in 2018, just click the link. How to reach your goals in 2018

Anyways, lets continue.

Clean out your space

Have you ever been in a room so cluttered that you didn’t even know where to step? Confession time, I used to be so messy it’s disgusting. What I didn’t realize was how stressed out it made me. Staying and sleeping in mess actually causes stress on our bodies, which is why you need to clean out your space. Not even just the stuff laying around, put also stuff you have in boxes because you secretly are a hoarder. I am guilty too, no need to be ashamed.

Above all, this is stuff we most likely don’t need anymore and are holding on to for no reason. So it’s time to clean out the clutter. Donate cloth you don’t want anymore to charity. Let start this year doing something good for ourselves and others.

Set realistic goals

How many years in a row have you started January 1st with 1837 goals in mind? Now be honest. How well do you feel when you set these high expectations for yourself? My best bet is that you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and when you don’t reach these goals, you end up feeling like a failure. These are such heavy feelings to carry around and they are not healthy you.

Therefore to have a simple life you must have simple goals. So I will encourage you to focus on 1 goal per month. You heard me, only one. This will raise your chance to actually reach your goal by 80% and it won’t feel overwhelming and too much.




Practice meditation and mindfulness 

This is without a doubt my favorite topic. Meditation is such a gift to the soul yet it’s so underrated. The positives of meditation and mindfulness is that it slows down your thoughts and therefor your world. It keeps you in balance and this is crucial for simplifying your life. Meditation will leave you nice and calm.

However, I know that there is a lot of confusion about meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is reflecting over a certain situation or episode that has happened. Asking yourself question like; How did this make me feel? How did it make me think? Did I like this or not? Is there something that needs to change?

Making a concious effort to reflect on situations will slow down your thoughts.

Another great exercise is focusing on the breath. You are going to love this one, and it only takes 3 minutes. Breathing deeply slows down our blood pressure and will naturally calm us. So set out a timer or if you have a watch available that’s great, you can use that as well. Now I want you to pay attention to your breath for two minutes without changing it’s rhythm. Count every breath, breathing in and out. When the two minutes have gone by, I want you to challenge yourself a bit and see how few breaths you can take in the last minute. So long and deep breaths should now be in your focus and you are now consiously changing your breath, where before you were just watching it as it was.

This exercise will calm you don’t too and you will feel amazing afterwards, and i promise you I am not exaggerating.

Now it’s your turn! Try out the tips and tricks. I’d love to know how you liked it!


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