How to guarantee that your New Years resolution will become true

So what do you truly wish for? What makes your eyes shine when you talk about it? Is there one thing that makes you so excited for the day to come, that you can’t go to sleep at night? That’s the one thing I want you to focus on for 2018. Because you deserve happiness girl, and I believe that living your dreams won’t compare to any other happiness in the world.

We are only days away from 2018 and this time a year is truly a bitter sweet moment. It’s bitter because you are saying goodbye to many great memories that you spend in 2017. But you are inviting new adventures, opportunities, laughter and love in 2018 which is oh so sweet. This time a year is truly a magical time, but it can also be very overwhelming. The “New year, new me” saying, can feel like such pressure to become a new and much “better” person. This really devaluates the awesome opportunities that comes along with a new year. I believe that the New year is for setting goals to get you closer to your dream. It’s all about making what sweet dreams you have at night, reality.

However, lots of people often set themselves up for failure without knowing it. I know you have set a gazillion goals one year, and how many did you end up reaching? Non? Maybe one? Don’t lie to me, I see you.

Honestly, I see this all the time and it really is common among humans. It’s a straight up habit. We want it all, but we end up with nothing. Great right? Not really…

If you don’t want to be part of the 92% of people who doesn’t reach their goals. Then Keep on reading.

Put your goals on paper 

To reach your goals for the new year, you need to find out what they are. Obviously. So I need you to brain storm for me. Bring out a pen and a piece of paper and write down anything that comes to mind. I truly mean ANYTHING. Also the song i’ve got stuck in my head all day? Hmm maybe not, but put that shit on the speakers and jam to it while your brainstorming. Let’s make this a party!

Your goals can be big such as small. It can be becoming a rock star, or drinking a glass of water more a day. Anything goes, it’s completely up to you. The whole point of this is for you to be completely honest with yourself about what would make you the happiest. So if baking cookies with your grandma makes your eyes shine, i’d suggest putting that on the list.

Are you done brainstorming? Good. Now I want you to go find a scissor and cut out all of your goals that you put on paper. I want you to compare what’s on your paper and find out what goals are the most important for you right now. Place them in order from most important to least. Now, I don’t know how many goals you put on your paper, but I now want you to pick 3 goals for the next year. I know you mightbe thinking “Whaaat? Only three? But then why did I put so many down Anna? I just got so excited…” But baby, I got your back. See, if you choose way too many goals you’ll get excited, but also fail tremendously because you will get too overwhelmed. So therefore, lets just go with 3.

Did you pick? Good job, good job.

Let’s make a plan

Planning is such a drug for me. I get beyond excited. If you don´t have a plan it can be extremely hard to reach your goals. Plans will help you stick to your goals and help you move forward. How do I plan my goal? You might ask. I got you girl, I got you. I will set up an example for you. A new years resolution for me is to up my workout game. I want to be one of those fit chicks you see on Instagram (cliche, I know). Anyways, so my main goal would be ‘Getting fit’. Now I need to break this up into manageable chunks.

  1. What does it take to get fit? It takes working out and eating healthy.
  2. How do I do this? I need to create a workout program and a diet that fits.
  3. What is my longterm goal? Now make a half year goal. This will set a time for you to reach your goal in, so that you will actually reach it. So for me I would want to have a toned stomach and defined arms.
  4. What are my short term goals? I now need to break this up into monthly and weekly goals which would be short term goals, so that I can reach my longterm goal. My weekly goal would be planning my weekly workout and meal plan. This way the goal isn’t too overwhelming because it’s been broken down into smaller pieces.

See how I now have a plan for my goal? This will make it way more manageable. This was just an example, I obviously want you to make a plan for your own dreams. Dream big baby, you deserve that.

Set small goals 

This is my secret for reaching your goal. As I mentioned earlier, we tend to set too many goals. You can have many goals and dream big, but if your thrive to accomplishing them all at once, you are bound to fail. Studies say that setting one goal at a time, will make you successful. Why? Because there is a 80% chance of success. But if you set 2 goals at a time, it drops for 30% chance og succeeding. This is a dramatic difference. This is why you should start out with one focus. For me, I start 2018 with drinking more water, focusing on staying hydrated, because for my bigger dream, this is a crucial step. However, you might think this sounds slow. “I want it now”. I totally understand that, but let’s put it like this. If you set 1 focus for each month, at the end of the year, you have accomplished 12 goals. How amazing does this sound? If you set too many goals you will end up getting overwhelmed and guess how many goals you will accomplish? non. Trust me buddy, this works.

Staying on track 

I know, i know. I said that making the short and long term goals would help you stay on track. But I promise you they will. Pinky promise. I want you to focus on this a little more though. Because staying focused and on track is actually the hardest part, without a doubt. Life comes in the way. After a long day at work or in school, the last thing you want to do is to sit down and work more. I know it’s more fun to watch tv. This is why you need some great routines to help you stay focused. I will tell you a full prove ways to do this. I do these myself and they make a true difference.


Now, do not role your eyes. The word medication is thrown around everywhere and there truly is a reason for that. Because it works. I practice meditation as often as I can and it really helps centering me. This will help you stay focused on your goal and really dig deep so that you remember what your goals are and whats most important for you.

Sunday is fun day: 

So, in my calendar Sunday is my day. It’s a day that I get to pamper myself and check in with myself. How am I doing? Am I working on my goal? How did last week go? What was good, and what was no so good. By doing a weekly check, you make sure to change anything that isn’t working for you. Sunday will be your day to plan the week to come and trust me, it really is a lot of fun. This will help you stay motivated and excited to reach your goal. 

What is your goal? I would love to help you out with planning your goal if you think this is though.


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