Why Investing In High End Make Up is worth It

Do you walk into a make up store so overwhelmed that you decide to go for the drugstore instead? I have a confession, I used to be that girl. Honestly, I didn’t wear make up until I was 16 years old. I would sneak into my mom’s room a borrow her mascara. Come on, who didn’t do this?

The first time a got a flair for make up was when I came across those beautiful girls on youtube who does makeup tutorials. For me, that was mind blowing. How did they blend their make up so well? The fact that their skin was flawless blew my mind. I would pick up my makeup brushes from H&M and try it out myself, but without success. I was clueless to how these girls got those insane results.

One day I came across a girl who claimed that applying makeup really was all about investing in good quality. My make up game is now changed forever.

Good quality brushes 

I used to have really poor quality brushes. I didn’t understand why I should spend money on them. Little did I know, that they were the key to achieve the results I had always wanted. According to me, this was the main ingredient I was missing.

Being great quality brushes can make your makeup go from a 2 to a 10. I got mine from Mac and i’ve gotten great use out of them. If you are on a tight makeup budget (which is totally fine) I really recommend you getting new brushes instead of new makeup. You could have good quality makeup, but applying them with poor quality brushes will leave the makeup looking cheap and not well applied. Trust me, great brushes is the answer.


Must have makeup

There is a ton of different makeup options when you walk into Sephora. Therefore I will help you out with the most important pieces you should invest in. The makeup world can truly be confusing, what is a primer? Why do I need a highlighter? I get it girl, I get it. Let me tell you though, the makeup you would think is so unimportant will be the makeup you reach for the most.

Let’s begin with the primer. That is the piece of makeup I did not understand and I sure as hell didn’t want to spend my money on it. Little did I know that this would be a true game changer for me. Primer is the base you put under your foundation, it makes your foundation appear more flawless and makes it last for hours. I see a true difference when I apply my primer.

Another beauty product that I often underestimated was a rich luxurious lotion. Keep your face soft, clean and hydrated, ALWAYS. I know cleaning your face isn’t nearly as fun as applying your makeup, but you will thank me later. Keeping your canvas clean, aka your face, will help your makeup apply so much more flawless. Therefore a high end lotion will really do the trick for you.

What’s the better match?

Do you know the struggle of walking into a drugstore with 10 different shades of foundation in front of you? Which one am I going to choose? Without being able to try them on, it’s so easy to come home with the wrong shade. This is why choosing a Sephora which has higher end makeup, is so much more worth it. Sephoras employees has great knowledge about makeup and what will be the best match for your skin tone and skin color specifically. The makeup you wear, is so close to your skin that you should choose is carefully. Thread your skin well, it deserves more than a drugstore product.

What are your favorite beauty products? Comment below!


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