The ultimate festive dress guide


The festive season is here. The events are endless this time a year, which usually leads to a wardrobe crisis. You might ask yourself, what on earth am I going to wear? Therefor I am bringing you this unique festive dress guide.

One piece or two piece? 

Making the decision of wearing a dress, skirt or pants can be dreadful. What’s most appropriate? Which one will my booty look better in? Admit it girl, this is on your checklist, I know I am guilty. Even though it’s a festive season, I still think dressing in what makes you most comfortable is a must. Jeans and a cute cropped top can be just as beautiful as a fancy dress. There really are no limits.

Don’t be afraid to stand out 

Christmas and New Years Eve are both a very special time of the year. Decorations a usually crazy, therefor you shouldn’t be afraid to dress crazy and stand out! I think we all have this special piece of clothing we haven’t dared to wear yet, but that we love. Now it is time to bring it out and jump into the New Year with a bang. For a personal look, add some print and colors! You could even wear a red dress and some leopard print shoes. A tiny twist can really make your outfit pop.


“This is your time to sparkle”

Accessories are a must 

You can either dress up or dress down an outfit with accessories. If you choose a simple dress, a big necklace is a great statement piece. Maybe some colorful earrings.  This will make you stand out and your look will be personal and nothing seen before.

A colorful lip 

If you aren’t an accessory kind of girl, a colorful lip can really draw attention too. A red lip is an incedibally sexy lip. Lipstick can really make you stand out, and make you steel the spotlight. If you aren’t comfortable with a colorful lip, nudes are just as attractive.

At the end of the day, the most attractive thing is confidence. So pick out an outfit that makes you feel fiercely attractive. This will beat any outfit.

I found my favorites for this festive season and put it down below if you’d like to pick anything up.


Let me know what your festive picks are in the comments below!


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