How to master being comfortable in yourself so you can feel extremely confident

Being comfortable in your own skin will make you feel confident, content and happy. Everybody strives for this, but is there anything more frightening than being raw? Showing who you are, without hiding anything? It can be a real challenge. In fact, the fear of someone laughing at you can bruise your sole so bad, that you would rather not risk it. I find this so sad. Besides, living in a world full of bullies and people who doesn’t think before they speak, makes it extremely hard to just be who you are. Let me tell you, this has been a true challenge for me. I belief that this is the greatest battle to win. The battle of truly believing that you are good enough.  I want to share with you how i practice self love and acceptance everyday.

1. Focus on yourself

This one is a true challenge. In fact, not comparing ourselves is such a hard task. We have been compared to each other all of our lives. Like going for a job interview. Who presented themselves the best? Who had the biggest smile? Which one was the most confident? Being compared like this can be nerve raking. Similarly, being grated at school, we are ranked by how well be performed. This is why you need to be strong and remember what you are worth. Your worth isn’t measured by how well you are doing in school or if you didn’t get the job interview. You are a bomb, no matter what.

2. Practice self love

I can’t stress this enough. As I referred to above, focusing on yourself is key and by practicing self love, will get you there. For example, if I admire another woman and my mind usually wanders off. I therefor begin to fantasize how my life would be better if i was her. As a result I kindly bring myself back to reality and tell myself “she is beautiful, but so are you”. We are all beautiful in our own way, and admiring another woman for her beauty is not a crime. But likewise i’d like you to admire yourself as well.

3. Take care of your body and your soul

I believe that self care is the ultimate answer to self love. If you treat yourself bad with nasty foods and tell yourself that you are fat every time you look in the mirror, then how on earth are you going to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin? Every act towards yourself should be an act of self love. Meaning that if you feel bad one day, don’t go and stuff your face with chocolates, this will obviously make you feel worse. Instead go for a nice walk outside, or make some delicious healthy dinner that will make you feel good on the inside too. Treating yourself with care will make your self love grow like nothing else.

“Embrace all that is you”


4. Find love around you

Your friends, family and lover, loves you with the pimple on your nose, having chocolate on your face, or even a fart slip up in public (oops). Further more the things you are embarrassed about yourself and that we believe isn’t lovable, is exactly what others loves the absolout most about you. As a result of their love for you, this is exactly how it is expressed. The people who hold your dear will love you no matter your looks, weight or embarrassing moments. Therefore I want you to listen to these lovely people in your life. Their unconditional love should be how you express love for yourself. You deserve unconditional love, no matter what shape or size you are.

5. Stop seeking validation from others

Just stop. Seeking validation from others is one sure way to tell yourself that you ain’t shit. Excuse my language but honey, you are worth dying for. No matter how many friends you have on Facebook, how many likes you get in Instagram or how many re-tweets your get on twitter. Regardless of what anything says, you are a star. Therefore please don’t seek others validation, if people say you are beautiful then that’s awesome! If they don’t then they are stupid, not you.


“If it costs your piece it’s too expensive”


6. Fake it till you make it

I know that sounds scary, at least I thought it was. Particularly walking into a room filled with people. On the inside I was feeling extremely insecure, but on the outside I walked with confidence and held my head high. If you like magic tricks you should try this out. I swear it works wonders. Really faking it makes your body and then your mind believe that you are confident. How incredible is that? You can slay this girl, I believe in you.

I would love to know if you found this helpful or if you have any and tips and tricks of finding your inner queen?

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