The truth about mastering your mind that will guarantee results

Living a healthy and active life can be extremely challenging. In the beginning, the excitement of changing your body makes it all so much fun. But as the times passes you slowly start to realize that it’s not all fun and games. Getting in your gym clothes and choosing a piece of chicken instead of a piece of pizza, becomes the real challenge.

I want to share a personal story with you. My fitness history has been crazy. I have both deprived myself from food and stuffed myself to the point of stomach ache. Either I was a the gym 7 days a week without a break, or I would be a couch potato. Either way, my relationship with my body was terrible. I hated my body. I had many challenges about both accepting my body how it was, and working towards the body of my dreams. This all changed dramatically when I found the key to success.

Which is:

Master your mind, to master your body.


Making the switch between working against my body, to working with my body, was a real game changer for me. So what does this mean exactly?

Our bodies are so much stronger than we think. The true problem is our minds. This is why we need to work very closely with our minds, to master our body. I will share my top tips to master your mind:

The question i hear again and again is “how do i stay motivated, I find it so hard”. Motivation is created. This is why we need to work close with our minds. One of the ways we can create this motivation is by remembering how great our last workout made us feel. The feeling of a tired body, knowing you’ve done something great for yourself, not to mention how confident a great workout can make you feel. This is truly priceless. On days where i feel unmotivated I think of this. Remembering that you are actually giving so much to yourself when you workout, truly makes the difference to me. Afterwards, I am beyond grateful that I took action.


My next tip is to remember why you are doing this. Are you working out for a special event? Is it for your mental health? keeping this in mind, will motivate yourself to keep going. Remember what you deserve. You deserve to feel happy and strong in your own body. You deserve to feel hot.

This tip I find so important. Every time you hesitate to work out, remember the negative parts of not going. How will it make you feel? Will you feel like a looser, will you be mad at yourself, will i keep you further away from your goal? Do you deserve to feel that shitty feeling from not working out? No you don’t you silly thing, do deserves to feel empowered! So get in that workout clothes !






“It’s easier to wake up early in the morning to work out, than it is to look in the mirror each day, and not like what you see”

Other times, not feeling the motivation may be a sign that you are not resting enough. When working out too much or pushing yourself to the limit, your body will often tell you. This is again another opportunity to work with your mind. Tune in and recognize the difference between being exhausted and just being unmotivated.

I will love to know how you stay motivated!

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