I will tell you the truth about weight loss

Weight loss, weight loss, weight loss. Over the years, this word has become so negative. Today, women and men is feeling so much pressure, to be skinny and loose weight. The pressure to be ‘perfect’ is unavoidable. Commercials focus on skinny models, with a big booty and perfectly shiny hair. Therefore you must be strong to resist feeling like a failure.

The truth about loosing weight is that, it must come from the heart. So what I am saying is, that you need to want to loose weight for your own health. Maybe you wish to feel better in your own skin. Rather than the reason be, because you think that you need to loose weight, to be worthy of acceptance. Do you see the difference? Loosing weight should be an act of love towards yourself. The gift of loosing weight will be gaining confidence, feeling fiercely sexy and strong.


“Fall in love with taking care of your body”


I am going to tell you a secret. Starving yourself won’t get you there. Eating “no sugar” or “sugar free” won’t let you shred the pounds either. This will only make you feel shitty in your body. Sugar free foods are filled with E numbers and artificial sweeteners. This will often backfire, because the sugar free foods are designed to make you come back for more. Either way, your body won’t benefit from it, if anything it is going to be stored as fat. It is completely poison for your body.

The secret to loosing weight really isn’t a secret. We all know it, but no body wants to do it. Come closer and I will tell you. Eat. Whole. Natural. Foods. Eating whole foods will make an enormous difference in your weight and you overall well being. This will help you stop craving unhealthy foods and stop counting and stressing over calories.The benefits of whole foods:

  1. Whole foods are full of good nutrients. Your body will therefor use this as fuel, and you will loose weight. On the contrary, processed foods contain very little nutrients, therefore your body will store it as fat, instead of energy.
  2. Another awesome benefit with whole foods is that it will create sustaining energy, where as junk food will give you a high for 30 minutes, and then you will feel tired and sluggish.
  3. Whole foods fill you up a lot faster than junk food, and it will keep you full for longer. This will help you contain less calories.
  4. Whole foods are very easy to digest, this means no more bloating or long hours on the toilet.
  5. You will be an overall happier person. Junk food contains so many chemicals, that has a negative effect on the body. Cutting these out of your diet, will lighten your mood.

Remember that this journey is all about loving and caring for your body. Loose weight and eat whole foods because you deserve to feel amazing.



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