How to find your personal style

Have you ever walked into a clothing store with absolutely no idea where to look or what to look for? I have had this struggle for years. Going shopping without knowing what your style is can be very frustrating. I would often come home with 10 different pieces that didn’t even go together. Knowing yourself and what your heart desires when putting on clothes in the morning, that will make you look beautiful and feel amazing is what I live for. It can be so empowering and we want that, don’t we? I’ve collected my top 4 tips for you, to help you find your personal style.

1. Find inspiration. Inspiration is the birthplace of personalizing your style. Getting a sense of the style you like, will help you tremendously when picking out piece at the store or online. Knowing what you feel good in, and what piece appeals to you, will help you avoid buying clothes that ends up unworn in your closet. There are several places on social media that are a great place for inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are great for finding inspiration. Go plug in a search word and it will show you everything that matches. You can also look at friends for inspiration. I am sure you’ve got some friends with great style.

2. Define what you like. When defining your style, being specific is crucial. What is it that you like exactly. Is it those sophisticated trousers Victoria Became looks so glamorous in? A beautiful lace skirt? or a comfortable knitted sweater? What pieces speak to you? What colors attracts you. Do you love bright colors? dark colors? Maybe black and white or more earthy tones. Do you like clothes that are fitted or does loose clothes appeal more to you? Why do or don’t they? Bring out a pen and paper, and make a “like” and “dislike” section. This way you know where to look when you are out shopping, and where you shouldn’t waste your time looking.


“You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are”


3. Clean out your wardrobe. Now it’s time to get rid of anything in your closet that does not serve you anymore. I know, i know, the sweater you kept from 7th grade, beacuse your grandma got it for you, can be hard to throw away. But girl, it’s time to cut the cord. You only want to be left with the clothes that you will find a hard time choosing between in the morning, because you love every piece to death. Getting rid of the old clothes that only collects dust will also leave room for the new beautiful clothes.

4. Take risks. I want you to sit down and imagine how you would look, what you would ware and what pieces you would put together if you didn’t have a care in the world of what other people think of you. What clothes do you really dream of wearing and seeing in your closet? The world can be very judgmentel which is so unfortenate because it keeps people from outliving their dreams in fear of being made fun of. But I believe in you. So go be creative, have fun! That’s what fashion should be.


“The world is my runway”



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