Fall bucket list

When I can feel the crisp cool air against my skin, smell the freshness, while my wool blend sweater makes me feel warm and cozy, then I know it’s fall. Fall is my all time favorite season. How the leaves change to a thousand different beautiful colors, and the trees are full of delicious apples. Fall gets me so excited, and therefor i’d love to share my ultimate fall bucket list with you.

Go apple picking. At your grandmas, your friends, in your bag yard, at an apple orchard. This season is so great for apple picking. Grab a friend, bring a big basket to store the apples, put on your rubber boots and that big cozy scarf. Let’s go! You can use apples for so many great fall recipes like apple cider, or invite your friends over for a great apple pie.

Go for a walk. Honestly, don’t you love when the leafs changes color? Walking in the woods in fall can be so magical. Breathing in the fresh air, enjoying being surrounded by the beautiful nature, while neutering your piece of mind. I don’t see any better way to spend your afternoon.


” Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go” 















Get creative with pumpkins. In fall, pumpkins come in all shapes an sizes. Big pumpkins to carve out for Halloween, medium pumpkins to cook delicious soup for the cool fall days, you can even get indoor pumpkins for decorations. All kinds of fun stuff! So go get crazy with the pumpkins.

Read a great novel. You know what can really give me a fall high? Getting out a great novel, putting on those cozy socks grandma made me, and snuggle up in a blanket while it’s windy and raining outside. Go treat yourself with some downtime. Dream yourself away in another world written on paper, black on white.


“Autumn, the years last loveliest, smile”


Sit by the fire place. Get together with your family around the fireplace, make some nice hot chocolate with whipped cream and tiny marshmallows. Tell some scary stories, or share some fond memories. Tell jokes and make each other laugh.

How do you like to spend fall? I’d love to know!



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