Running for beginners


Who else have a love hate relationship with this word? We always admire those people who complete marathons with a smile on their face, that’s the dream isn’t it. Being able to say “I have run a marathon” is priceless. But still, the word “running” irritates many of us. Why? Because starting running and getting in shape can be so hard, and a real challenge. The thought pattern of “when am I done”, “can I turn around now” or even “I might as well stay inside today”. This is what we are here to beat today! I will teach you how to master running like a pro athlete.

Before we get into running techniques, i’ll firstly encourage you to invest in a pair of good running shoes. Running in a pair of sneakers will leave you with no support for you precious feet, and wearing those bulky basketball shoes will leave you feeling heavy during your run, which is what we are avoiding. Not to mention, new beautiful running shoes will motivate you to go outside and run like a bad ass.

Lets get to it!

  1. Motivation is key. There are tons of app’s out there, created to motivate you on your run. I have tried several of them but only one app really stuck with me. The app is called Aaptiv. Aaptiv has several workout coaches to guide and motivate you through your chosen workout. No gym membership? No problem, Aaptiv has got workouts for both indoor and outdoor activity. What’s really great with Aaptiv is that it has gotten different levels for the workout. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Which leads me to my next tip.
  2. Start slow. Have you ever decided to go run a 10k, your first day of running? I know I have. The problem with doing this is that we are pushing our bodies so hard, leaving ourselves with an uncomfortable experience, sore and unmotivated to go run again. In the beginning of a running journey, the feeling of success will make running so much more fun and rewarding, it will leave you wanting to get out running again, which is what we want! So for your first run, don’t beat yourself up for not being able to run the whole mile. Starting with a beginner workout of 2 minutes of walking and 1 minute running, is perfect. It might feel slow, but this is what you need to build up endurance and to get those miles in! In no time, you’ll be running a 5k without even thinking about it, and seeing the process of success is going to feel priceless.
  3. Let’s talk about your technique. Knowing your right running technique can really improve your running. You should have a mid-foot strike, with your feet landing directly beneath your body. A lot of people think they need to land in front of themselves, to get further and faster but this isn’t true. Landing with your feet beneath you should feel like you are tilting a little forward, almost dragging the ground behind you. This will make running feel so much easier and lighter on your body. Keep your body tall. Stop looking at your feet and look forward instead, enjoy your surroundings. Keep your arms close to your side and flex the muscles in your belly. Smile to a stranger ( I know, i know, this isn’t a running technique, but it sure will make your day better.)
  4. Set small goals. Goals are great, because they motivate us and make us feel awesome. On your run, when things get tough, i’d like you to set small visual goal. Find a tree in the distance and make it your goal to get to this tree. It doesn’t have to be far away. When you have reached your goal, set a new one. Are you on a treadmill? No problem, let your goal be the next 30 seconds.
  5. Feel the victory. Being proud of your run, no matter how far or fast, is so important! You want to remember this feeling, when you a doubting to go run one day. Pay attention to how good your body feels. How your mood has lifted and maybe shifted from before your run. How much power it gave you. Working out can give you the feeling of being a super hero, and everybody deserves that, especially you.
  6. Strech! Your body has done wonders for you and carried you through this run, now it deserves a treat. You heard me, go strech! I know you are thinking “I don’t need that”, but honey, yes you do. Taking 5 minutes to stretch is actually just as important as the run itself. It will decrease injuries, increase blood and nutrient supplies for your muscles, which will reduce muscle soreness, and it will leave your mind calm and peaceful.

Let me know in the comments below, how your run went!



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