How to de-stress after a busy week

Have you ever looked at someone and wanted to scream because they were breathing? Did I hear a loud YES!? That my friend, is called stress. Balancing everything in life can be stressful, especially if we don’t have any tools to handle it. Stress is so tough on the body, so knowing when enough is enough is extremely important. Getting caught up in our careers sometimes makes us forget to take care of ourselves. This is truly what will keep us on top of the game, so this is more important than we think. Girl, it’s time to go pamper yo self!

  1. Keep a clean working environment. Being surrounded by a mess can stress you out without even knowing it. Go clean up your workspace. Light some nice smelling candles, make your space neat and organized. Go buy some beautiful flowers! Researches have found that simply being around plants have a positive effect on your stress levels, mazing right? And when your surroundings are nice, it automatically makes you more productive, witch is a bonus.
  2. Get moving! When you exercise, the body releases feel good endorphins, which will pump you up! Exercising is also a great way to quiet the mind, and keep it from spinning. Put on some of your favorite songs and just zone out.
  3. Find stillness every day. I practice this a lot. Every morning I do yoga and every night i meditate. This helps keeping me sane and in balance. It’s only 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night, and the benefits are huge. Go find some quiet time for yourself. This could also be getting out a journal and writing down your thoughts or taking some deep breaths while listening to relaxing music.
  4. Turn off your electronics and go outside! Walk along a beach and listen to the waves or go for a walk in the forest. Connecting with nature can be so grounding, peaceful and power full.
  5. Buy a meditation Mandala coloring book, light some lavender candles and turn on some relaxing music. The deep concentration from coloring, mixed with the compelling smell and soothing music will soon calm you down, and make you feel oh so good.

How do you relax and take some time off? I’d love to know!

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