How to plan a badass week!

How do you like to spend your Sundays? Lay around? watch tv? Do your homework? Many of us spend the weekend relaxing after a long week. Spending time to unwind is very important for your body and mind, don’t get me wrong. But spending all week on autopilot and dreading the Monday to come, won’t satisfy you nor will it getyou closer to a fulfilling life. Planning the week is so important because this helps us remember to save time for whats truly important and valued in our lives. So I want to break down for you, how to spend your Sundays most efficient, so YOU will kick ass during the week!   I spend my Sundays prepping for the one to come.

Every Sunday is MY day. I stay home, take care of myself, and plan the following week. Planning the week to come will not only help you wave goodbye to those stressful days and leave you in control. It will also bring more happiness and contentment into your life.  So do you want to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life? Here are my top tips on how to plan your week, so YOU can become a badass!

Tip NR 1. Make Sunday YOUR day too! Every week Sunday should be your day to feel excited and empowered for the next week! I know it’s the weekend, but set the alarm early and start the day. Wake up, make a big glass of lemon water, stretch! This will help you feel motivated to start the day and really kick it up a notch. Sleeping till 1 o’clock often leave us feeling sluggish and unmotivated. No one wants that.

Tip NR 2. Buy a journal. Find a quiet space where you can stay undisturbed, and really take some time to think about what’s really important to you. What are your hobbies? What really brings joy into your life? Are there certain friends you want to spend more time with? Do you have any life goals? When you’ve wrote all of your reflections on paper, cut it out and place it in order of most to least important. This will help you get a clear idea of whats really important to you, and what needs to be incorporated into your week.

Tip NR 3. Now what are your ‘must does’ this week? The stuff you NEED to get done. Like chores? Assignments for school? Work? Now how much time does this leave to yourself? Put all your ‘must does’ into your calendar, and now you can fill in the blank spaces with the stuff you LOVE to do.

Tip NR 4. Now you gotta stick to this! Make this a Sunday routine. Set an alarm every Sunday to remind yourself of the most special time of the week. Time for you! Now try to really stick to the schedule you’ve set for yourself. If you skip days, this will signal to yourself that you are not worth taking care of, and it will most likely leave you unhappy. So remember, you should treat these like appointments with your boss. You are just as important!

What is your routine? I’d love to know!

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